My experience with YouTube Premium Service after almost a year of usage.

oogle is a major player in the AI game if not the best without competition. but, at the same time, they have some very famous apps that are just not up to the normal standard qualities.

Yes! I might be exaggerating a bit. but, surely you’ll agree with most if not all the things I’m going to mention below.

Youtube Premiums Features

Well, how to put this in words... 🤔
For a major company who claims to be the Godfather of Android, they don’t know how to do proper apps 🤷‍♂ 🤷‍♀

Dear reader, I won’t waste your time any further. let us dig into those issues.

YouTube Videos App

(doesn't have as many issues as YoutubeMusic)


  • Download Videos to watch offline (love it esp. when I’m flying)
  • Gives access to Youtube Originals (which is something like series that are on youtube with seasons/episodes and all)
  • Background play (esp. if you’re watching a conference while commuting)
  • You get also ads-free on YouTube (regardless of the bug)
  • They sent me a Google Nest for every user that is in my Familly plan (which was a good bonus I’d say!)


  • Once you open a video they spam you with everything similar (ok level)
  • Shared playlists with youtube music. Not funny! esp. that they make the last one that you’ve saved to in YouTube Music app to be the default save to in Videos then you can press a button to change the destination from a small bottom of screen bar confirmation they show.
  • Last but not least, the Support isn’t that good. I spent a lot of time trying to explain a problem I have and them asking for more and more details every time that I’ve eventually given up.

YouTube Music

(Regarding content and quality, I’ll be comparing to Spotify)


  • Huge content
  • If you compare the number of features you’re getting, it’s way cheaper than Spotify. (talking about YouTube Premium here).
  • Good matching algorithm. I’ve noticed that you get a similar type of genre of the song better than you’d get in Spotify.
  • Suggestions are worth it.
  • Full access to all music videos(from Youtube) as well


  • NO DESKTOP APP YET! (unlike Spotify, which I used to enjoy tons at work)
  • Can’t use the service while traveling in Asia (or other non-supported countries)

Which I have to be honest is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in my life
Why would I need a music app that doesn’t work when I need it the most?
I was in Indonesia a while ago and got this!

If I already used the service and signed up to it in a country you support, why would you lock me out for a whole month that I’m paying for!

  • Offline access for downloaded music is ridiculous since you can’t access it while you’re in other countries (that was a while ago, not sure if this still happens).
    What happened is that I wanted to access my Downloads but the app wouldn't boot up cause it needs internet and I don't any because I’m in mid-air flying somewhere!
  • Doesn't sync with the Web Version (i.e doesn't show what you’re playing on each screen)
  • From time to time it auto stops playing suddenly.
  • The UI is bad. the loading and the way the app works is just not smooth at all. especially if you compare it to Spotify.
  • Last but not least, the Support isn't that good. I spent a lot of time trying to explain a problem I have and them asking for more and more details every time that I’ve eventually given up.

To sum it up, YouTube Premium is worth it if you’re looking for the whole Youtube Package. That in mind, I would never switch from Spotify to use just the Music app; it's way behind and needs tons of work to satisfy the users.

But, if you want to get the Youtube video features and music together then I would say its a pretty good deal for what you pay.

Thanks for reading.

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