Traveling From Home To Malaysia— Ch #1

Chapter #1: Malaysia


Once upon a time, there was a young fellow called Abidul. he was always into tech stuff since he was 14 years old, he loved everything related to hacking back then; the movie `die-hard` effected him much; anyway, even though he loved tech stuff he always wanted to be a pilot because it was hard for him to study aviation back in his country for many reasons. he decided to study what he 2nd really likes, tech-related study; so he studies Software Engineering .

Now, Abidul during his days never knew software was going to be that big of a thing. he studied and enjoyed his studies a lot. he met a lot of amazing people during his studies. 4 of those people stuck with him for another 10 years after that (Abd, Amr, Zu, Anas). of course he’s stayed in touch with other people. but, wasn’t that close as much as he was to those 4.

In the last 2 years of his studies, Abidul was working as a developer in an internet service provider. he really liked it and met a couple of amazing colleagues there, one of them was an atheist which was an eye-opener for Abidul since he had never met one in person before. his community was mostly religious. he became a really good friend with that fellow and they even tried to make a game app together on the side. ended up with a small beta version that didn't go anywhere after that.


When Abidul finished his studies around 2014 he faced a small issue due to his government’s rules regarding the military. He had to either continue studying masters which in turn will postpone his drafting or fly abroad. because those were the only options that he’s allowed to not enroll in the obligatory military which was 2years.

So, he and his friend Amr decided to follow their friend Abd who went a couple of months earlier to Malaysia. Now, do note that Abidul never left his country before that. so, it was quite a big change in his life.

Abidul wasn’t a big fan of this plan at first because he didn't want to leave his family because of the situation that arose in Syria back then and he was the family guy type of guy and wanted to just spend more time with his family.

At the same time, within his thoughts; Abidul loved traveling and that was his dream since the beginning and that's one of the major reasons he wanted to become a pilot.


The day Abidul traveled he was sick and was having a really bad fever and cough. so, his impression of traveling wasn't the best, especially that he had to travel on a 13hr flight.

Well, he sucked it up! when he reached Malaysia it was a super unbelievable feeling for him. he’s surrounded by people he only saw in movies. he was able to use his long trained for English skills. he was really happy, at the same time very shocked. everything looked so new to him the faces, the smells, the buildings; it was a day he’ll never forget.

He still remembers his first day at the mall back then. he was walking the chips aisle and saw a guy going towards him then fading to the back to the end of that aisle, then 2 seconds after that he sees the same guy coming towards him again. he couldn't believe it, there was no way that that guy was able to come from there again. of course Abidul was still new there so (in a realistic way) he wasn’t able to recognize the differences in peoples faces yet because people there were super similar to him. it was like if someone shows you 2 grades of red that you can’t tell the difference between them at all. but, after you train your eye for a while you see that difference clearly. Abidul was the very respectful guy to all races (in spite of what might come of the readers judge him with).

His impression of such a great country

Abidul spent 2.5 years in Malaysia after that. during this time. he met tons of amazing people. some became really good friends to him and they used to hang out.

Abidul was always amazed that this country was a religious country but at the same time they were civilized and that was something that annoyed him of his country, and always had the thought in the back of his head saying that ` your religion is dragging people behind `. After seeing the amazing things this country has achieved he was able to understand that the problem was with the people, not the rules they follow.


He has always noticed that people there were very polite and that was something nice for him since he came from a similar culture where people weren't very direct but were more polite and careful about what they say. of course, he would’ve liked if they were a bit more direct in their opinion then he would’ve been more content.


Malaysia had 3 main races which were considered Malaysian.

  • Malay Malaysia
  • Chinese Malaysian
  • Indian Malaysian

Those 3 races were living in a nice harmonic life (or try to be). he always found them being neighbors, laughing telling stories, sharing holidays, and celebrating each other whether it was a normal government holiday or religion-related holiday, he always found that part of the country fascinating.

But, he also noticed some situations where you can see a clear separation. he learned that only Malay Malaysians get to be politics; which hurt the other 2 parties and drove them to talk about it from time to time as a clear unfairness.
He also noticed that from time to time, Chinese Malaysians liked to spend their hangouts with exclusively other Chinese Malaysian people which also made him and other people feel left out.


During his first year in Malaysia, Abidul had his passport stolen so he had to get a new one instead, of course, this wasn’t easy for him in his country, and had to take around 6months to get the new one.

One day he was hanging out with his friends and on the way back to their shared house he was stopped by a roadblock that asked them to present their passports; now Abidul didn't have his on him for obvious reasons! so, he tried to avoid talking about his situation because neither his embassy nor the police gave him something to prove his situation. but, they noticed that the police officer was actually hassling them, his friend was with him that day and he was a really good negotiator. so, he tried to somehow see how this can be resolved and both of them were shocked since the policemen were asking for money to resolve the issue. of course, the police asked for a big number and Abidul and his friend negotiated until they reached a reasonable price (because believe me Abidul wasn’t planning to ruin his life because his company’s HR screwed him over because he got his Passport stolen while doing his papers).


3 major celebrations that used to happen in Malaysia that everyone enjoyed.

  • Diwali (Indian)
  • Hari Raya (Islam)
  • Chinese New Years (Chinese)

Those 3 celebrations brought tons of joy to the country and always brought closeness between the 3 races. on those days people usually would have open houses, celebrate loudly, visit friends and families, have a nice holiday and of course take a family picture.


Abidul was in love with Malaysian food. there is a thing in Malaysia that Abidul and his friends loved to go there and enjoy food, called Mamak .

Of course, there were a lot of normal restaurants in the city but its restaurant was the international culture. Mamak on the other hand as shown in the picture was the place were a lot of the locals liked to eat food for many reasons.

It was crowded, alive, humble, and of course! cheap.

Mamak usually would serve amazing dishes such as:

  • Chicken Tandoori (really spicy chicken)
  • Nasi Goreng (fried rice with choice of chicken, vegetables, or just plain rice)
  • Mi Goreng (fried noodles)
  • Cheese Nan (bread with cheese in it, Abidul loved this one a lot)

And as for drinks they had a lot of kinds, but mostly Abidul liked to drink something called `Te O Ice Limau` which was basically ice lemon tea but with small lemons instead of normal ones which tasted different, and a lot of sugar syrup.


As you can see in the pictures above, Abidul found Malaysia an amazing place for activities, due to its atmosphere and geolocation, it was a perfect place for outdoor activities. all of them. you name it: karting, rafting, climbing,..., etc.

He loved that about Malaysia and never ever found this amount of activities in one place such as he found in Malaysia.


One of the annoying things in Malaysia that Abidul faced is that the government made buying properties for foreigners hard. which always gave Abidul the feeling that this will never be the place to settle and just consider this as a new home for him, so he always knew in his heart that Malaysia was just a stop.

What's The Take

Malaysia was a great place where Abidul built a part of his character, got a new perspective over things, and learned how people deal with each other in this country. he found Malaysia an amazing place for outdoor activities. lots of malls to visit and great buildings. He will never forget what such a place did to his mind and soul. Abidul will always consider Malaysia as one of his nicest place to ever live in.

I write about my experiences wether it was tech or about solution and hacks of life.

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