Traveling From Home To Malaysia— Ch #1

Abidul Ramadan
8 min readSep 9, 2020

Chapter #1: Malaysia


Once upon a time, there was a young fellow called Abidul. he was always into tech stuff since he was 14 years old, he loved everything related to hacking back then; the movie `die-hard` effected him much; anyway, even though he loved tech stuff he always wanted to be a pilot because it was hard for him to study aviation back in his country for many reasons. he decided to study what he 2nd really likes, tech-related study; so he studies Software Engineering .

Now, Abidul during his days never knew software was going to be that big of a thing. he studied and enjoyed his studies a lot. he met a lot of amazing people during his studies. 4 of those people stuck with him for another 10 years after that (Abd, Amr, Zu, Anas). of course he’s stayed in touch with other people. but, wasn’t that close as much as he was to those 4.

In the last 2 years of his studies, Abidul was working as a developer in an internet service provider. he really liked it and met a couple of amazing colleagues there, one of them was an atheist which was an eye-opener for Abidul since he had never met one in person before. his community was mostly religious. he became a really good friend with that fellow and they even tried to make a game app together on the side. ended up with a small beta version that didn't go anywhere after that.


When Abidul finished his studies around 2014 he faced a small issue due to his government’s rules regarding the military. He had to either continue studying masters which in turn will postpone his drafting or fly abroad. because those were the only options that he’s allowed to not enroll in the obligatory military which was 2years.

So, he and his friend Amr decided to follow their friend Abd who went a couple of months earlier to Malaysia. Now, do note that Abidul never left his country before that. so, it was quite a big change in his life.

Abidul wasn’t a big fan of this plan at first because he didn't want to leave his family because of the situation that arose in Syria back then and he was the family guy type of guy and wanted to just spend more time with his family.



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