Today’s Google photos amazing editor update

Abidul Ramadan
3 min readOct 1, 2020

Google photos editor

I would have to say, google photos editor wasn’t quite the editor that lets you do all kinds of stuff. It was always easier for me to edit photos using Instagram photo editor or use my phone’s gallery editor.

But gotta hand it to you. The new update is quite nice!.

What’s new

They have a new way of scrolling through the features or categories which is very similar to the camera app (swiping horizontally).

New category

And they have this really nice new tab called suggested, which basically has the mostly used features of this user from the editor. Kind of like a smart organizer.

Other new features

Well, I’m not gonna be apple and say they have amazing new features! But what they basically did is to bring all the nice features most photo editors have.

Brightness, contrast, shadows, proper cropping, adjusting, blurring parts, adjusting tones, preselected filters, auto enhancing, warmth, and saturation.

They still have a couple of more. But you know! the usual.

Here are some screenshots of the update :

More info in The Verge:



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