Read premium articles for free

Disclaimer: I don’t want to support this.

But I’m putting it out there just in case you stumble upon a nice very useful article and wanted to just get the content of it for that specific time.

How to:

  • Open a browser in incognito mode.
  • Paste the URL
  • Free (unlimited) reads (you need to close incognito and open it up again for every article otherwise u’re limited to 3 views in that session).

The way it works is because medium relies on your session info to know how many you viewed so far; if you’re coming as a fresh user (incognito) then you deserve a fresh x amount of views.

Hope this was useful to all.

And again, please consider not doing this so often as there are some people who rely on this platform to earn living.

I write about my experiences wether it was tech or about solution and hacks of life.

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