Navigating Challenges in a New Role: Building Team Dynamics and Embracing Change

Abidul Ramadan
2 min readNov 25, 2023
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Starting a new role is a journey filled with excitement and hurdles. In my initial weeks at a new company, finding the balance between structure and existing dynamics was key.

Drawing insights from "The First 90 Days as a Manager," I set out to connect horizontally, assess, and usher in positive changes.

Building Horizontal Connections:
Understanding the team’s unique perspectives was crucial. Through one-on-one meetings, I learned about individual strengths and concerns. For example, discovering a shared interest in innovative problem-solving paved the way for collaborative brainstorming sessions.

Striking the Balance:
Structuring the team posed the challenge of balancing assertiveness with consideration. Acknowledging the importance of informal communication, I adjusted. Instead of imposing a rigid structure, team discussions were initiated to collaboratively define new processes.

Dealing with Differing Perspectives:
A team member from Ukraine brought a critical perspective. Their skepticism towards the weekly demo strategy became evident. To address this, I shared a specific example where a similar strategy led to increased team cohesion and quicker problem resolution.

Finding Common Ground:
Understanding the logical mindset, I reframed the conversation. Rather than insisting on trust, I emphasized how the proposed strategy contributes to collective success. Illustrating with a hypothetical scenario, I outlined how consistent demos could lead to quicker issue resolution.

Looking Forward:
These strategies are shaping a collaborative and adaptable work environment. For instance, the team’s input on refining demoable actions has been instrumental. The key takeaway is an ongoing commitment to communication, adaptability, and fostering unity within the team.

Starting anew is a process of learning and adjustment. By sharing experiences, adapting strategies based on feedback, and embracing a collaborative spirit, each challenge becomes a stepping stone for personal and team growth.

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