Bouldering Must Know Knowledge

This article will explain all the essential you should know if you’re interested in bouldering.

It’s going to be as visual as possible

1 picture is worth 1000 words

I’ve categorized the information into categories. Here it goes:

Levels Of Difficulties

Bouldering has many systems for ranking difficulties of bouldering which is important to know where you at when bouldering.

2 of the most famous systems are:

1–9 numeric version

This is the french system.
It’s ranged from 1–9 each contains A, B, C
each letter can contain A+, A- which is less and more.

ex. C is harder than A so 1A is easier than 1C

V1–17 system

Its from from V1 to V17

To know more about other ranking systems check this video out.

All Holds types:

And Volumes:
The surface that is coming out of the wall and which can be used as a wall (not a level specific)

Climbing styles:


Its when you don’t have full control of all your limps on the wall. mostly jumping or making big reaches.


Its when you have full control of every moment and move happening on the wall.

Climbing Tricks:

Heel hook

its when you hook the heel on a boulder and try to use your heel to either stabilize your body or help raise it to another boulder.


It’s a move that is done when you want to move your center of gravity to be able to be more comfortable.


Types of flaggings are: outer flag, inner flag, left/right flag

You can learn more in here:

Toe Hook

Climbing MUST stretches:

2 main things to worry about:

Shoulder’s Impingement

Some exercises for post and pre-injury

Climber’s Elbow

Competition related:


Its the method used to solve 1 bouldering puzzle. People follow 1 beta to solve a boulder usually. and some people come up with a new beta.

Breaking the beta

Its when the normal beta is broken by another method.

Zone (boulder)

Its a middle boulder rock that the climber must reach to get a score. the next one after that the counts in the scoring are the Top Boulder.

Top (boulder)

This is the end boulder that the climber has to reach


scores are mainly calculated based on attempts and the amount of reaching tops or zones. you can learn more about the score in the link below:,or%20reaching%20the%20zone%20hold.

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