Boost Your Loved One’s Confidence by Not Intervening in Their Decisions

Abidul Ramadan
3 min readAug 3, 2021

Its always good to reflect back on how you talk to people and how they talk to you, to build a better communication skill over time.

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I was thinking lately about an incident that occurs to me from time to time. where I don't feel comfortable sharing my opinion about a certain thing in front of certain people. but, I feel more comfortable in front of other people.

I started decomposing the situation in my head into pieces, and not to bore you with the details. I realized that I don't do that in front of the people who usually tend to correct me a lot or try to adjust my decisions with what they think makes more sense.

Then it hit me, that the people around me who I try to tell what they should choose makes sense or not (even if I say in my opinion) might tend to not feel very confident around me, because of my loud thoughts about their opinions.

What I Realized That Happens

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People should not be intervening with people around them. Especially, the close ones like brothers/sisters or close friends. Because, the more you interfere with their…



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